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Vacuum Pump Servicing


To get the most out of your vacuum pump purchase for years to come, you can’t go past vacuum pump servicing from Emtivac.

Vacuum pumps should be regularly serviced and maintained in order to avoid breakdowns and to keep them working at their ultimate efficiency and performance. If you’re looking for a provider of regular maintenance to boost efficiency, or if you’re experiencing any vacuum pump issues at all, we can help.

At Emtivac, our advanced Melbourne facilities have the space and equipment to deal with the world’s largest vacuum pumps, meaning no job is too big or too small. In addition to this, we have a complete range of replacement parts on offer. If we don’t have the parts you are looking for, our vacuum pump servicing team has the manufacturing capacity to create and install many spare parts from scratch.

With years of industry expertise on your side, you can keep your machinery’s downtime to a minimum with Emtivac. To prevent loss of production during maintenance, repairs, or periods of increased demand, we can also provide a variety of rental vane pumps at short notice.

Ignoring potential issues with vacuum pumps can cause the problem to exacerbate, leading to expensive and time-consuming consequences for you. Whether it’s a sliding vane pump or a rotary oil pump, any of your products can experience an expected problem.

At Emtivac, we offer a 24-hour hotline to assist you with immediate issues. If you are experiencing any of the following problems, give us a call today:
  • Vacuum leakage, no matter how small: Rotary vane pumps can be severely affected by even a small leak.

  • Sudden differences between expected performance and actual performance: This can indicate a mechanical problem. We’ll determine the issue and resolve it for you.

  • Presence of any foreign materials in sliding vane pumps: This will often occur after extended periods without maintenance. The particles naturally found in oil and gas consolidate over time and can cause severe damage.

  • Unusual noises: This includes unexpected loudness, quietness or odd sounds. If your sliding vane pump sound changes unexpectedly, this generally indicates a mechanical issue, which is best resolved by an expert before more damage or complete failure occurs. Contact us for advice or service.

  • Anything else unusual: Knocking, stalling, unusual or excessive vibrations, overheating, oil residue, capacity reduction, and increased energy use are all among the unusual symptoms that may indicate a deeper problem. A damaged pump is not only inefficient, but it can also be dangerous to the entire system and anyone or anything around it.

If you have any concerns or you are unsure about your equipment’s status or operational quality, contact our vacuum pump servicing team for a solution. You can reach us on 1300 791 199.

Vacuum Pump Spares

Vacuum pumps are extremely specialist pieces of industrial equipment, meaning you should only rely on a specialist for spare parts.

At Emtivac, we stock and install a permanent supply of spare parts for sliding vane machinery, rotary vane vacuum pumps, and a full range of vacuum pump machinery. When you are looking for vacuum pump spares that are available now and can be installed quickly and expertly, contact us now. We will minimise downtime and maximise the efficiency and operational life of your machinery.

As well as our stock of vacuum pump spares, Emtivac also has the ability to manufacture replacement parts at our advanced Melbourne facility. This custom parts manufacturing service is ideal for older pump models, custom setups, and non-standard equipment. If you have specialised and specific vacuum pump requirements, Emtivac is the team who can get the job done.

Vacuum Pump Service Kits

At Emtivac, we understand that unexpected vacuum pump downtime can disrupt production, efficiency, and ultimately, the success of your business. Fortunately, most issues can be avoided entirely through maintenance, and with our vacuum pump service kits, you can make repairs and maintenance simple.

Available with the parts you need and tailored specifically to your machinery, these cost-effective kits are the smart way to reduce downtime and protect your business.

If you don’t have regular maintenance providers, contact us today and we’ll provide a solution. If you do have a current provider, call our team and ask us how partnering with Emtivac can further improve your efficiency with our vacuum pump service kits and other maintenance services. We have a very knowledgeable team who specialise in a full range of vacuum pumps, including custom and non-standard setups.

To improve the reliability and efficiency of your equipment, contact us online or call us for a solution on 1300 79 11 99.

Get Engineered Vacuum Pump System Solutions

Emtivac ensures you get the right equipment for your industry requirements. Talk to us about your vacuum process issues and we’ll recommend efficient, cost effective solutions for your operation. Contact us today to find out more about our company, products or industry applications.

Should you have any questions about our products or want to arrange an on-site appraisal send an online enquiry or call