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Vacuum Gauges

There are many types of vacuum gauges available to suit rotary vane vacuum pumps. Selecting the right vacuum gauges requires knowledge of the application, the pump type, the vacuum level, the preferred measurement unit and the resolution required, as well as the need for either absolute or gauge measurement.

Absolute measurement reads from atmospheric 1013mbar to 0mbar absolute (Abs), whilst a gauge measurement takes 0 as atmospheric and runs in negative figures; for example -200mbar which is equal to -20kPa or 20% vacuum. The use of gauge or absolute measurement is one of the key things to consider and is usually decided by the accuracy required in the reading.

Gauges come in multiple types and are generally priced according to accuracy. Most modern gauges have digital displays that can indicate multiple types of units, ensuring they offer a higher overall level of functionality than older analogue gauges. These upgrades make a clear difference and should be considered for all critical pump systems.

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