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Oil Filters

The Oil Filter in your vacuum pump is extremely important and is essential to maintain the quality of the oil. The special grade of vacuum pump oil is required to not only improve the seal in the pump chamber, but to lubricate the moving parts. For this reason it is important to know that the Oil Filter you are fitting to your vacuum pump is of high quality and conforms to the pump manufacturers standards.

At Emtivac we are distributors for Mann Hummel, the German manufacturer, responsible for designing and supplying the original equipment filters for most of the worlds best known names, not only in Vacuum Pumps but Cars, like Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar and Ford, they also produce them for many other types of equipment too.

A dirty, blocked or low quality/cheap filter will have a detrimental effect on the oil quality and can be responsible for poor vacuum pump performance and even catastrophic failure.

Emtivac supplies low cost high quality Mann Filters to suit Emtivac dooVAC vacuum Pumps and also any other brand that you may also be running on your site, to provide you with peace of mind and reliable Vacuum Pump performance.

Call us for expert advice, quotation and supply of oil filters to suit your Rotary Oil Vane Vacuum Pump.

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