Dry Vane Vacuum Pump Accessories

Getting the most out of any rotary vane system means having the right accessories. There are no one-size-fits-all answers to finding the best selection of dry vane vacuum pump additions, while improper installation or errors in product selection can have potentially disastrous results. It’s important to exercise just as much care with accessories as you do with the pump itself. For best results, consult professionals before purchasing or installing add-ons. There are a few essential pump accessories that should be considered. The most commonly used are:

  • Vacuum gauges
  • Relief valves
  • Pre-separators
  • Filters
  • Isolation Valves

Vacuum Gauges

There are many types of vacuum gauges available to suit rotary vane vacuum pumps. The selection of these requires knowledge of the application, the pump type, the vacuum level, the preferred measurement unit and the resolution required, as well as the need for either absolute or gauge measurement. Absolute measurement reads from atmospheric 1013mbar to 0mbar absolute (Abs), whilst a gauge measurement takes 0 as atmospheric and runs in negative figures, for example -200mbar which is equal to -20kPa or 20% vacuum. The use of gauge or absolute measurement is usually decided by the accuracy required in the reading, and is one of the key things to consider. Gauges come in multiple types and are generally priced according to accuracy. Most modern gauges have digital displays that can indicate multiple types of units, and offer a higher overall level of functionality than older analog gauges. These upgrades make a clear difference and should be considered for all critical pump systems. For expert advice, selection and supply of all types of vacuum gauges transducers and or controllers call us at 1300 79 11 99.

Vacuum Relief Valves

Vacuum relief valves are designed to enable you to control the vacuum level in your application. They restrict the vacuum pump performance by admitting air into the system, which reduces the vacuum level. Simple relief valves can be used for both single stage rotary vane pumps and dry vane pumps. They are generally an inexpensive method to control the vacuum level and are best used in conjunction with a vacuum gauge to set the pressure level. For expert selection of a suitable vacuum relief valve for your pump or system, call us on 1300 79 11 99.

Pre-Separators and Filters

Pre-separators can be used to give a rotary vane pump some protection against ingress of condensate or liquids. Rotary vane vacuum pumps are not designed to handle any liquid intake and must be protected to avoid failure. Selection of an appropriate pre-separator is best left to qualified engineers who understand the full nature of the application.

Vacuum Filters

Inlet filters come in a number of types and are essential to protect rotary vane pumps from particulate entering through the inlet and causing damage to the pump. Various grades and types of inlet filter are available depending on the application. Hospital or laboratory applications generally use bacterial grade filters as this not only protects the pump, but also protects staff from bacteria that might otherwise travel through the pump and out into the plant room atmosphere.

It is most important to ensure that filter elements are changed when either differential pressure becomes too high or at the manufacturers recommendation, which is usually six to twelve months. High differential pressure signifies a blocked filter and can have a severe effect on the performance of the pump. Filter elements that are left unchanged often suffer a breakdown of the media which renders them useless due to their pores enlarging, which then shows no differential pressure loss. This is often mistaken for a clean filter, when in fact it is the equivalent of no filter, which can lead to damage to the rotary vane vacuum pump or in the case of a bacterial filter, the passing through of bacteria into the plant room environment.

Selection of the filter type should be made by an appropriately qualified person. Call us on 1300 79 11 99.