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What is a Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps see use in many industries, but rotary vane vacuum pumps in particular have become the most widely used due to their durability, versatility and simplicity of setup. They’re currently the most popular option for many heavy duty, industrial purposes. Depending on function and build, they’re called by a variety of names, but all generally refer to the same style of machinery.

These are all different names for rotary vane vacuum pumps. While some are better suited to different tasks and incorporate different components, these terms have come to be used interchangeably. In order to find the best pump for your needs, it’s best to seek expert advice. The most efficient and durable equipment will always be custom specified, expertly accessorised and setup to convey specific substances or handle a particular function or application. Two-stage vacuum systems, for example, are generally more suitable for dealing with higher ultimate vacuum levels than single stage alternatives, however deciding between the two often requires a more thorough understanding of the specific application and the nature of vacuum pumps.

Which Type Should You Use?

Any piece of industrial machinery is a big investment, and making the right decision is the difference between something that lasts only a few weeks or months and one that can run at optimal efficiency for years. There are a lot of things to consider when buying a rotary oil or dry vane pump:

  • Gas type
  • Inlet Temperature
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Vacuum level requirement and pressure variation
  • Required volumetric flow / capacity
  • Presence and type of particulate in gas stream
  • Presence of liquid or moisture
  • Continuous run time
  • Number of starts per hour
  • Altitude

Depending on all these factors and more, a rotary vane vacuum pump and its accessories will require different materials and structure. To find the best solution, call our experts at 1300 79 11 99 or get in touch online. They’ll examine all the relevant information and make sure you get the perfect pumping system for your needs.

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